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Buffalo Point Cottage Owners Association Inc. (BPCOA)

Welcome to Buffalo Point!! As a cottage owner we would like to tell you about our Association and encourage you to belong to an organization that works to make Buffalo Point a wonderful and welcoming community.

The BPCOA is recognized as the legal representative of the cottage owners here at Buffalo Point. According to our bylaws the objectives of the BPCOA are to act as a liaison between the member cottage owners and the Buffalo Point Development Corporation Ltd., and to promote and protect the rights of the member cottage owners of both East and South Shores of the Buffalo Point Development. In our role as a liaison the BPCOA seeks input from the residents in resolving issues as they arise.

BPCOA membership consists of the applicants to our incorporation and such other persons as are admitted by paying the stipulated membership fees. Our membership fees are currently; First time membership is $50. This fee makes an initial contribution into our legal and arbitration fund, in case there are costs related to protecting the rights of the cottage owners. Each year following the initial membership there is an annual fee of $20. This gets used to carry on the work of the BPCOA, for things like meeting room rentals, donations toward activities for the membership, administrative costs etc.

The BPCOA hold an annual meeting each year, where Directors are elected, reports are made on the status of issues currently before the cottage owners and information on scheduled events is shared. Committees and their membership are announced as well at this meeting. No Directors or committee members are paid and all volunteer considerable amounts of time to ensuring that cottage owner’s rights are promoted and protected.

Although our stated objectives are about promotion and protection, the BPCOA strives to be more than that. In the past the BPCOA has hosted a picnic for members, their families and friends with activities for kids and plenty of food. We have hosted golf tournaments, supported events recognizing community volunteers, and hosted ice fishing derbies where families can meet and have fun with their neighbours. These and other events are decided upon by the level of participation by cottage owners and their friends and the numbers of volunteers to help organize the event. The BPCOA wants to improve the social life of cottage owners and their families and help build a happy community of neighbours. We are fortunate to have some amenities in this community that make it convenient and enjoyable to be a cottage owner and the BPCOA encourages you to utilize the restaurants, the marina, the tennis courts and playground at Fawnway Park, the golf course, and meeting rooms at the conference centre.

It is important that the BPCOA has your most up-to-date contact information. Please notify us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any changes to report. It is imperative that we have this so that important information can reach you in a timely way, especially on lease or tax related issues and meeting notifications.

The BPCOA also maintains a website at www.buffalopoint.org where minutes of meetings, notices of events or activities and updates on issues important to cottage owners can be found.

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